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Magpies, Homebodies, and Nomads

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Cirilia Rose is the epitome of the new knitwear designer—young, educated, curious, and excited to share her passion for all ideas knit and purl. Her attitude toward curating her own collection of designs is informed as much by travel, cultural history, and tried-and-true sourcebooks as it is by modern media and technology. In Magpies, Homebodies, and Nomads, Rose takes readers behind the scenes of her design process, showing them how she curates and organizes ideas and translates them into knitwear designs. Through 25 projects that fall into three categories—

  • Magpies: accessories for the small amounts of precious yarns that knitters inevitably collect
  • Homebodies: garments for time spent close to home
  • Nomads: garments to wear when venturing out into the world

Rose shares her modern aesthetic and invites readers to develop their own.