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Barro Coffee Scoop

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Start the morning right with this handmade coffee scoop. Every piece is individually made on a simple wheel, and is treated with an exterior hue in a gorgeous neutral of textured blush that is naturally created with local river mud. These scoops support the same burnishing process used to create ancient pottery found in local excavations of Monte Alban. They’re pit fired, food safe, and make an ideal gift paired with our family coffee beans, honey dippers and barro cups.

Our master artisan partner combines her artistic eye with techniques that she learned from artisans in Puebla to create incredible works of art. Her creative practice simultaneously speaks to Mexican tradition, as well as a minimalist contemporary aesthetic. This particular line of delicately hued blush bruñido works are the result of our direct collaboration. They are made to our specifications, exclusively for our collection, and are a sublime compliment to any space.

Approximately 7cm wide x 13cm long

Hand wash, and do not place in the dish washer or microwave. These pieces are food safe, however care should be taken to not place anything greasy inside or they may stain. They are fine for holding water for shorter periods and do not sweat, but the pieces may gradually lose their sheen if they are filled with water for extended periods.