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Crocheted Maguey Body Sponge

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Both functional and beautiful, this handmade piece is crocheted using natural agave string – known locally as maguey – for a biodegradable scrubber that is both kind to the skin and the environment. Every piece features intricate details, including a strap to loop over your hand for convenient body scrubbing in the shower or bath. Leagues better than your standard plastic loofah – not only does this sponge fit a conscious lifestyle, it also helps to support fair pay for local Mexican artisans.

These brushes are handmade by a group of artisans in Central Mexico, using the same materials and methods that have been in place for decades.

Approximately 15cm in diameter

This handmade sponge can be used anywhere – from bathroom to kitchen. Soft enough for face, body or gently washing surfaces of delicate tableware. It is durable, naturally mildew resistant, and made entirely from natural materials. When not in use, it should preferably be kept in a dry place.