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Barro Sirena

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Whether arranged as a whimsical art installation, or tied with a ribbon on a gift for a friend, these charming mermaids – know locally as sirenas – bring a touch of beauty to any space. In Mexico, mermaids relate to the Aztec goddess of water named Chalchiuhtlicue, who was the protectress of children. Given this, these one-of-a-kind, pit fired pieces can be hung in a room to keep little ones safe. Our partner noted that she prefers to be creative, rather than making multiples of the same, and with this, these designs vary piece per piece – no two are the same. Every handmade sirena is individually created by hand by our artisan partner and her two daughters.

Our master artisan partner developed this decorative technique after her heart surgery over a decade ago. To encourage her healing process, her doctor recommended that she not lift the heavy, utilitarian pieces that she had been producing with her family. As she had four young children to raise, she began working on highly stylized smaller pieces like this that now serve as the main creative focus of her entire family of potters.

Approximately 9cm wide x 11cm tall

For best care results, they should be washed and dried by hand – no dishwasher.